Sziget festival organisers put up 2,000 extra Ed Sheeran tickets for sale

The organisers of this year's Sziget festival have decided to sell an additional 2,000 tickets for the first day of the festival, August 7, headlined by Ed Sheeran, from May 30.
"There has been huge interest in the Ed Sheeran concert on the first day of the festival, so it is no wonder that daily tickets had been bought out in mere minutes," head organiser Tamás Kádár was cited as saying in the press release. Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Zrt. has been bombarded with emails from disappointed fans who missed out on the ticket sale, Kádár added.

The organisers have now decided to make slight changes to the area around the festival's main stage to increase capacity. According to calculations, the venue will still be able to accommodate all weekly pass holders in addition to those visiting with a daily ticket.

The final price of a daily ticket for August 7 was HUF 28,900d.

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