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forint készpénz bankjegy
October 18, 2022 14:54

ANALYST VIEW - HUF firming to fizzle out, 440 versus euro could be closer than we think - SocGen

SocGen remains bearish on Hungarian currency

gazvezetek gazcsap gazszallitas
October 18, 2022 13:12

Hungary incurs massive current account deficit in August too

No surprise there

Virág Barnabás MNB
October 18, 2022 11:55

Hungary central banker: We are on the verge of a new era in monetary history, CBDC is the future

Dismantling the dual banking system is not the aim according to the MNB

mezőgazdaság aszály szárazság
October 17, 2022 09:25

Hungarian growth also hit by extreme drought

GDP increase visibly lower as a result

Itt a friss jóslat: ez vár Magyarországra a következő években (korr.)
October 14, 2022 16:35

Hungary cenbank ramps up rates two weeks after ending rate hike cycle - What's the deal here?

This is how monetary policy has changed today

October 14, 2022 12:38

HUF sell-off caused by C/A gap, speculation, central bank had to act - Deputy Governor

Barnabás Virág explains extraordinary decisions in conference talk

October 14, 2022 10:04

Hungary central bank announces 17-18% rate hike

O/N lending rate raised by 950 basis points

Meddig gyengül a forint? - Videó technikai elemzés
October 13, 2022 12:15

It would take an extreme rate hike to stymie Hungarian forint sell-off - analysts

JP Morgan argues base rate should be upped at least to 16-17% from current 13%

MNB épület getty
October 13, 2022 09:13

Hungary central bank keeps 1-week deposit rate on hold, forint takes a hit

MNB sticks to Sept decision

bankjegy forint
October 12, 2022 19:24

Hungary central bank holds liquidity-absorbing tender

Tightening costs a pretty penny

deviza trader forint árfolyam kereskedő
October 12, 2022 09:09

EUR/HUF 500 appears on technical analysis chart

Reuters forecasts further HUF easing

csomagolásmentes bolt fenntarthatós vásárlás
October 11, 2022 10:37

Hungary underlying inflation indicators also show increase on every front

MNB adds own figures after 20.1% yr/yr CPI published

October 10, 2022 08:22

WEO on the way - What future does the IMF forecast for Hungary?

Investors have plenty of data to watch this week

October 06, 2022 11:06

Hungary central bank keeps 1w deposit rate on hold

As promised

October 04, 2022 08:22

Unprecedented loss at the Hungarian central bank - What happened at the MNB?

Historic numbers again, only they are the bad kind

prognozis beton
September 29, 2022 15:01

Major turnaround in the Hungarian economy - Central bank publishes updated forecasts

Downturn, inflation peak in the more distant future, massive C/A gap

September 29, 2022 09:11

Hungary central bank raises 1w deposit rate one last time

Tightening cycle comes to an end

matolcsy györgy
September 27, 2022 16:28

Hungary chief says rate hike cycle is closed

Deputy Governor Barnabás Virág also answers questions