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mesterséges intelligencia ai chatgpt
February 21, 2024 14:12

Hungarian gov't lays cards on table on artificial intelligence, novelties coming our way

New authority and test environment to be created

Artificial intelligence to impact almost one million jobs in Hungary
February 19, 2024 10:22

First in the world and surrounded by debates: the European Artificial Intelligence Act

Basic guidelines set, details still need to be worked out

January 16, 2024 09:12

Growth seen remaining feeble this year too, outlook on Europe dims further

Chief economists project at World Economic Forum

Eric Hazan
November 28, 2023 10:35

Will AI give humans superpower? The value it can add to the world is shocking

Portfolio talks with an expert at McKinsey

mesterséges intelligencia ai chatgpt
November 16, 2023 08:29

Hungarian university to teach ChatGPT

In February, the country's first accredited ChatGPT university course will be launched

Andreas Braun BCG
October 18, 2023 12:00

"AI is not yet smart in general but with its help we will find a cure for cancer"

Interview with Andreas Braun, AI expert at Boston Consulting Group

August 22, 2023 14:54

UN: Generative AI unlikely to bring about mass layoffs

AI seen augmenting rather than destroying jobs

doktor orvos háziorvos rendel
July 31, 2023 17:19

AI-assisted medical exams could help Hungary alleviate doctor shortage

"It could fundamentally change everything we have thought about medical practice."

számítógép hacker programozó
July 17, 2023 16:30

Hungarians are worried about possible hidden dangers of artificial intelligence

Development of AI surrounded by caution and concern in Hungary

Kicsit sem ijesztő: önmagát védő és fejlesztő szoftverrendszert építettek
June 20, 2023 13:09

Almost all programmes use AI - What's wrong with this?

GitHub survey results

Mesterséges intelligenciát és okoskütyüket a gyárakba!
June 16, 2023 10:10

Professor known as "Dr. Doom" optimistic about AI in the long term

However, we may face difficulties before we get to the good stuff

mesterséges intelligencia ai chatgpt
May 18, 2023 12:02

Goldman Sachs says A.I. could bring serious corporate profit boost in next decade

S&P 500 profits to be raised 30%

May 17, 2023 09:22

Artificial intelligence enters the deep-sea oil production arena

Oil giant Shell signs a deal with tech company SparkCognition

May 12, 2023 09:32

EU takes historic step to limit the use of artificial intelligence

Initial negotiations have been successful

EU kiberbiztonság hacker
April 19, 2023 09:41

European Commission adopts legislative proposal on cybersecurity

Facing the challenges of the modern age

programozó informatikus it-szektor számítógép pc
March 13, 2023 09:28

IT workers' shortage in Hungary doubles in the last decade

A virtual emigration is taking place in the profession

Szuperszámítógépet épít Magyarország
January 11, 2023 10:04

Hungary's most powerful supercomputer to be delivered in a few days

The Komondor is revving up

November 17, 2022 16:21

Stellantis buys Hungarian AI startup aiMotive

Accelerates autonomous driving journey

Szigorú korlátozást vezetett be a Coca-Cola Magyarországon
November 08, 2022 16:40

Coca-Cola puts AI robots to work in Hungarian warehouse

Pioneering in Dunaharaszti, helping boost efficiency, improve customer service

CatherineEstrampes_GE Healthcare
February 25, 2021 15:00

We should prepare for a lot more digital and remote-care ready world in health care

Interview with CEO & President of GE Healthcare Europe

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