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June 05, 2020 12:19

Central banker Barnabás Virág nominated for MNB Deputy Governor

By PM Orbán to replace Márton Nagy

Nagy Márton: Egy erős iránymutatással az MNB a hitelességét kockáztatná
May 28, 2020 09:31

Breaking news: Hungary central bank Deputy Governor Nagy resigns

He is to take on another key assignment

May 26, 2020 15:55

Coronavirus crisis at Hungarian banks: they are really sitting on a time bomb

When will it go off, and how devastating will it be?

May 25, 2020 06:28

Hungary cenbank to hold now, but could be gearing up for another rate cut

Analysts project silent policy decision

magyarorszag nemzetkozi tartalekai ugras orban viktor matolcsy gyorgy mnb 200512
May 12, 2020 13:08

Hungary international reserves jump the most since IMF bailout

Euro-denominated bond issuance, forint tumble cause rise

May 08, 2020 15:42

Hungary cenbak assures households' inflation expectations remain anchored

Fresh data should not be compared to pre-crisis levels

forint mnb épület sötét magyar jegybank
May 07, 2020 15:18

Hungary cenbank accepts record bids at 1-week deposit tender

New tool keeps on swelling

forint mnb épület sötét magyar jegybank
May 05, 2020 13:28

Hungary's central bank fires 'miracle weapon'

Purchases HUF 50 bn worth of bonds

matolcsy gyorgy 200407
April 23, 2020 11:01

Hungary central bank to begin asset purchase programme in early May

The yield curve may also be flattened, MNB chief says

Nagy Márton: öt nagybank kell csak, ami eddig történt, az semmi
April 21, 2020 12:37

Hungarian banks have no choice but to lend - MNB Deputy Governor

In the current loan moratorium every bank must adjust to customer needs, says Márton Nagy

April 17, 2020 17:28

Hungary chief Matolcsy addresses economic situation

Trusts in V-shaped crisis

mnb epulet
April 07, 2020 10:38

Hungary chief Matolcsy and deputies to hold press conference

In the afternoon, after Monetary Council meeting

Orban Viktor iskolabezaras koronavirus bejelentes
April 06, 2020 11:00

Where will the Orbán cabinet have money for the giantic rescue package?

Central bank and debt managment agency spring into action

April 02, 2020 17:57

HUF 655 billion flow into new tool of Hungary's central bank

All bids were accepted

MNB épület getty
April 02, 2020 15:22

Hungary reverses HUF plunge, but relief may not last

Analysts evaluate surprise announcement by MNB

Elárulta az MNB: teljesen átalakulhat a bankrendszer, ez vár a magyarokra
March 24, 2020 15:01

Hungary cenbank takes further liquidity measures in relation to COVID-19 pandemic

Unlimited amount of long-term liquidity available at fixed interest rates

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