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October 08, 2020 08:30

European Parliament votes for 60% emissions reduction by 2030

Goal is up from a current cut of 40%

zöld környezet levél
February 17, 2020 13:57

EU allocates EUR 100 million for LIFE project

For environment and climate action

zöld park shutter
February 17, 2020 11:22

Hungarian PM Orbán promises Green Government Bond - What is it?

New tool added to Climate Protection Action Plan

Varga Mihaly Orban Viktor unio koltsegvetes
February 03, 2020 14:12

Key EU limits may be relaxed to help green transition - leaked document

Commission may go easy on budget deficit, public debt requirements

February 03, 2020 09:29

Hungary well behind EU average in green energy use

But it was not always like this

energia karbon szélerőmű
January 15, 2020 08:37

EU to dedicate a quarter of its budget to green transition

Aims to shift EUR 1 trillion in investment over next 10 yrs to become climate-neutral by 2050

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January 08, 2020 15:26

2019 was an extremely hot year for Hungary, temperatures rise more than world average

8 out of the 10 hottest years occured after the millenium

climate change
December 13, 2019 09:28

Hungary slips in climate protection ranking

It is almost in the worst bracket

December 12, 2019 14:26

Hungary installs backdoors in 2050 climate neutrality pledge

Two of the four conditions are practically unattainable

November 27, 2019 13:58

European Parliament adopts 2020 EU budget

After Council green-light

November 18, 2019 11:06

Revolutionary climate initiative born - Hungary wants exemption

Budapest cites risks of mounting Russian influence

November 13, 2019 09:32

Three quarters of the North Pole gone, transformation of energy sector can begin

Energy Investment Forum 2019

Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the European Commission
October 09, 2019 07:12

Timmermans describes how he imagines a green Europe

Dutch politician urges setting more rigorous climate goals

budapest szmog_getty
September 12, 2019 09:05

Hungarians concerned about climate change, EU survey finds

96% support European action to tackle it.

57% of Hungarians in favour of the euro, EU survey finds
August 06, 2019 16:01

57% of Hungarians in favour of the euro, EU survey finds

And 49% are concerned about immigration.

August 02, 2019 10:22

Hungary PM praises new EC President

Orbán, von der Leyen had a "good talk" on Thursday.

Europe braces for heatwave
June 26, 2019 09:50

Europe braces for heatwave

Authorities hope to prevent fatalities.

Hungary could become global biofuel powerhouse
June 24, 2019 08:45

Hungary could become global biofuel powerhouse

Introducing the E10 fuel could benefit the region's agriculture as well.

June 21, 2019 15:52

Hungary explains hindering EU climate deal

It's because of utility tariffs.

June 18, 2019 15:11

Commission unhappy with draft energy and climate plans

Urges member states to take more action.