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January 27, 2023 08:19

Annual booster vaccinations may be the long-term solution for Covid-19 - virologist

But there are still many tests to be done to find out exactly

influenza nátha zsebkendő
December 15, 2022 12:09

Tridemic in Hungary: more viruses causing illness

No new virus, no chance for recombination either

koronavírus omikron szupervariáns
January 13, 2022 17:35

COVID-19 loses most of infection capacity after 20 minutes in air

Key study may help combat pandemic

June 28, 2021 10:57

Obesity multiplies risk of COVID mortality

Hungary among most overweight countries globally

kórház getty
April 02, 2020 10:15

Hungary updates coronavirus map

Budapest has highest number of infections

April 01, 2020 09:00

COVID-19: Number of confirmed cases over 500 in Hungary

Four more people dead

kijárási korlátozás orbán viktor koronavírus járvány
April 01, 2020 08:43

COVID-19: Hungary publishes coronavirus map at last

All counties are affected, Budapest stands out

March 27, 2020 18:13

Hungary FinMin pledges additional stimulus measures to dampen COVID-19 impact

State spends HUF 245 billion so far on coronavirus-related protection

March 27, 2020 10:00

Tesco takes action due to coronavirus in Hungary

Stores will close sooner

orbán viktor_mti
March 23, 2020 11:39

COVID-19: Hungary's Orbán announces new measures, aid package beefed up

Actual number of infections "greatly exceeds" number of confirmed cases

operatív törzs koronavírus müller cecília
March 22, 2020 15:59

Announcement of curfew does not depend on number of COVID-19 cases in Hungary

Operational Corps updates on select issues amidst pandemic

koronavirus karanten kiutasitas
March 22, 2020 12:00

Six people died, 12 recovered from COVID-19 in Hungary

Number of tests rises sharply

March 21, 2020 18:36

More than 100 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hungary, Italy ravaged

4 dead, 7 recovered

orbán viktor koronavírus bejelentés
March 18, 2020 15:14

Hungary PM Orbán makes extraordinary COVID-19 announcement

Unfortunately, no one heard what he was talking about

March 18, 2020 08:23

8 new COVID-19 confirmed cases in Hungary

Latest data published

audi koronavirus leallas
March 18, 2020 07:50

Hungarian Audi plant to stop, employees will continue to earn

Sans variable pay and bonuses, though

Orbán Viktor a jövő héten tárgyal az Európai Bizottság új elnökével
March 16, 2020 11:36

Hungary to shut down borders - Orbán

Prime Minister addresses Parliament

koronavírus maszk ruha
March 16, 2020 11:33

Hungary re-allocates HUF 2 bn for fight against COVID-19 – of HUF 18 bn total re-allocations!

There are apparently other highly important issues

March 16, 2020 09:26

COVID-19 pandemic: Sweeping restrictions put in place to combat spread of coronavirus

Disease claims first life in Hungary, number of infected officially 32

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