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April 28, 2023 11:05

Hungary scraps last Covid restriction measure

Health care institutions freed of 'burden'

ipar 4 shutter
May 06, 2022 11:05

Hungarian industry hits the brakes

No growth in March

sanghaj kikötő
May 05, 2022 15:55

Should Europe be worried about China's zero-Covid policy?- Economists answer

Impact on US, EU inflation could be a problem

November 18, 2021 15:32

Hungary to introduce a few restrictions to curb spread of coronavirus

Continues to bet on vaccination

intenzív osztály koronavírus járvány magyar kórház
November 17, 2021 17:29

Hungarian Medical Chamber sounds the alarm again - Hospitals getting filled fast

ICU capacity is not endless

vakcina védőoltás védelem
October 25, 2021 08:49

COVID-19 resurgence could mean Europe is facing a tough winter

Diverse defence measures would be needed

koronavírus vakcina harmadik dózis
September 30, 2021 09:29

Gergely Röst : COVID-19 vaccines are no panacea, comprehensive protection is needed

Mathematical epidemiology should be applied at policy making

July 06, 2021 09:20

Hungary retail trade remains feeble despite re-opening

No growth compared to April

dolgozó fizetés factory worker keresetek
June 07, 2021 11:15

Price explosion deals major blow to lowest earners in Hungary

Minimum wage grows slower than inflation

orbán bejelentés kormány lazitás
May 21, 2021 08:30

"Goodbye masks!" - Hungary's Orbán announces nine easing measures

PM says third wave of pandemic is "essentially defeated"

inflacio cpi bolt kisker vásárlás
May 06, 2021 10:33

Hungary March retail trade unfazed by lockdown

Fuel sales prop up index

koronavírus vakcina védettség igazolvány szputnyik
May 03, 2021 11:33

The list of benefits for those immune to COVID is now complete

For holders of immunity certificates, to be more precise

April 26, 2021 10:22

Hungary to ease further this week

Later curfew, longer opening hours, extra perks for the immune

maszk korlátozás védelmi intézkedés koronavírus járvány
April 18, 2021 23:55

Hungarian government substantially eases lockdown measures

Restrictions now looser than before 8 March tightening

korlátozó intézkedés kijárási korlátozás tilalom maszkviselés
April 16, 2021 09:25

Gov’t decree extends restrictions until 23 May

Five more weeks of masks, distancing and curfew

oltas vakcina
April 13, 2021 14:45

PM Orbán: 3 million people vaccinated against COVID-19, easing looms

New milestone, rolling 7-day average of Covid deaths at new high

korona oltás vakcina
April 13, 2021 08:30

This is why Hungary should not yet ease curbs markedly in pandemic

A lot more people need to be vaccinated first

üzlet vásárlás bolt nyitvatartás
April 09, 2021 11:35

Retail sales continue to fall in Hungary

Down 5.9% yr/yr in February with no improvement in sight