Approval rating of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party at 7-year high

After the autumn, the winter of 2017 also saw the approval rating of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party rise further. The average of the three pollsters watched closely by Portfolio, the popularity of Viktor Orbán’s party is close to 40% among eligible voters.
As for the surveys conducted in January, the findings by Tárki have shown the most significant changes, as the researchers identified most of the previously uncertain voters as those that supporting the Fidesz party, hence the approval rating of the governing party came in at 46%. The average of the three main pollsters’ approval ratings shows that the opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) has lost additional voters and now it stands at 7% among eligible voters. The approval rating of far-right nationalist Jobbik party has risen way within the margin of error, and according to the surveys of the last six months, it has been hovering in a range between 10% and 12%.

The “popularity" of the Democratic Coalition has returned to its previous level of around 5%, while green party LMP stands at 4%, which means both of them would probably reach the parliamentary threshold. As for the smaller parties, none of them boast an approval rating of over 2%.

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