Hungary Mol raises price of diesel

Hungarian oil and gas group Mol has raised the wholesale list price of diesel by 2 forints per litre on Wednesday, but it has left the price of 95-octane gasoline on hold.
  • The average price of diesel has been raised to HUF 410 per litre, while the price of gasoline will remain unchanged at HUF 398.
  • The last time Mol changed fuel prices was last Friday, when it upped the price of gasoline and diesel by HUF 6 each.
  • Motorists may find differences of up to HUF 50 per litre at the pumps, depending on the location and pricing strategy of the given petrol station.
  • The average price of gasoline reached its peak in early April 2012 at HUF 451 and the price of diesel was the highest at HUF 449 on average in mid-January 2012.

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