COVID-19: 1,130 new cases, nearly 130 people dead in Hungary

Hungarian authorities diagnosed 1,130 people with coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours, taking the total to 785,967. 128 people have died of coronavirus-related diseases; the death toll is up at 28,173 and Hungary's lead over the rest of the world in terms of COVID-19 deaths per one million population (2,923) has increased further.
kórház egészségügy állami egészségügy koronavírus beteg orvos

The official government portal ( reported 1,130 new daily confirmed COVID-19 cases for yesterday. Since the outbreak last spring, 785,967 people in Hungary got the infection, officially. The new daily print largely fits into the downward trend of the last few days; the 7-day rolling average declined to under 1,700.

The number of COVID-19 deaths has also been decreasing and totalled 128 over the past 24 hours. The death toll in Hungary is up at 28,173, the 7-day rolling average is down under 150. Hungary continues to lead the global rankings of COVID-19 deaths per one million population with a staggering 2,923 deaths, followed by Gibraltar (2,791), Czechia (2,748), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2,670), and San Marino (2,648). In the region, Slovakia is 9th (2,171), Slovenia is 11th (2,055), Poland is 16th (1,802), Croatia is 18th (1,779), Romania is 25th (1,488), and Ukraine is 42nd (1,036).


There are currently 4,374 people in hospitals with coronavirus infection, with 511 of them on ventilators. This marks a respective d/d decrease of 365 and 38.


Authorities performed 16,516 COVID-19 tests over the past 24 hours, and nearly 7% of them were positive.

Hungary is 68th in the world regarding the number of tests per one million population.


Hospitals are gradually returning to 'business-as-usual', discharging coronavirus patients that are either considered recovered or whose lives are no longer at risk. The fewer tests they have, the more people are deemed recovered and get discharged. This has been the trend since 1 January. The charts below attest this. 


Up to date, 4,123,697 people have received their first shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, and 2,248,775 of them have already had their second jab. This implies that more than 24,000 people were administered their first and over 91,000 their second dose yesterday.

With this, 42.2% of the population is vaccinated with a first and more than 23% with a second dose.

More than 4.7 million people have registered for vaccination and 80% have already been inoculated.


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