Price of petrol to be raised in Hungary

The wholesale gross list price of petrol will be raised, while the price of diesel will be left on hold on Wednesday, fuel price tracking reported on Monday.

Mol will raise the wholesale gross list price of 95-octane petrol by HUF 7 per litre on Wednesday (6 March), while it will leave the price of diesel unchanged. Accordingly we should find the following retail prices (on average) at local pumps: 

  • 95-octane petrol: HUF 620 /litre
  • Diesel: HUF 646 /litre

On 1 March, a Russian decision to ban petrol exports from one of the world's largest energy suppliers for six months, citing refinery maintenance among other reasons, came into force.


This is how fuel prices changed in Hungary since the start of 2023. The price of both fuel types was last this high in early or mid-October.


The price hike still takes the price of petrol HUF 50 (8.8%) higher than at the end of 2023, while the price of diesel will be HUF 53 (8.9%) higher. Comparing current prices to the end of 2022 may make us nostalgic, but looking further back may ruin our day.

This is how Hungarian fuel prices compared to prices in neighbouring countries five days ago:

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