Hungarian gov't grants HUF 9.2 bn to 53 nurseries

The original HUF 4.5 billion budget for nursery renovations was raised to HUF 9.2 billion after all 53 applications were accepted, Balázs Rákossy, sate secretary in charge of EU fund accession at the Finance Ministry, told state newswire MTI. The projects approved as part of the government's nursery expansion programme will result in 27% higher capacity in Pest county and updated facilities for a further 400 children.
The applications were of such high quality that the ministry approved them all and doubled the grant budget, Rákossy said. The programme offered HUF 100 million for reconstructions and up to HUF 400 million for newly built nurseries.

The government aims to reach full nursery care by 2022, spending nearly HUF 200 billion on nursery and kindergarten development in line with its family assistance plan.
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