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magyar parlament magyarország
May 25, 2020 09:20

How was Hungary’s economy doing so well in Q1?

We will find out this week

May 25, 2020 06:28

Hungary cenbank to hold now, but could be gearing up for another rate cut

Analysts project silent policy decision

May 21, 2020 09:11

Hungary central bank allocates HUF 75 bn in collaterised loans

MNB’s new instrument continues to attract high demand

mnb epulet
May 19, 2020 14:12

Hungary cenbank buys only HUF 15 bn worth of government bonds

Programme tally over HUF 140 bn

idős néni falu mti
May 19, 2020 13:00

Thanks COVID-19: Hungarian households lose HUF 700 billion

Pandemic, forint weakening cost a pretty penny in Q1 2020

matolcsy györgy
May 19, 2020 09:20

2020 is the new 1956 for Hungary, central bank chief says

Security will be valued more than freedom, he predicts

May 18, 2020 09:00

Has the global economy recovered in May?

This week’s macroeconomic data will tell us

May 14, 2020 15:15

New record at Hungarian central bank's 1-week deposit tender

MNB keeps boosting liquiditz

May 14, 2020 10:56

Hungary seen to have outperformed CEE region in Q1

Analysts forecast falling GDP, firming forint

magyarorszag nemzetkozi tartalekai ugras orban viktor matolcsy gyorgy mnb 200512
May 12, 2020 13:08

Hungary international reserves jump the most since IMF bailout

Euro-denominated bond issuance, forint tumble cause rise

hősök tere budapest_getty_stock
May 11, 2020 16:48

Coronavirus hits Hungarian investment market hard in March

All savings categories down

May 08, 2020 15:42

Hungary cenbak assures households' inflation expectations remain anchored

Fresh data should not be compared to pre-crisis levels

shopping bevásárlás kiskereskedelem
May 08, 2020 11:27

Fuel prices keep a rein on inflation in Hungary

Underlying inflation effectively unchanged, central bank says

forint mnb épület sötét magyar jegybank
May 07, 2020 15:18

Hungary cenbank accepts record bids at 1-week deposit tender

New tool keeps on swelling

forint mnb épület sötét magyar jegybank
May 05, 2020 13:28

Hungary's central bank fires 'miracle weapon'

Purchases HUF 50 bn worth of bonds

gyár gyártás autógyár factory worker
May 04, 2020 10:16

How dark was March for Hungary's economy?

We'll find out this week

April 30, 2020 15:16

MNB 'miracle weapon' at work: bonds sell like hot cakes

Preferential collaterised loan works like a charm

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