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gulyás gergely
May 14, 2020 11:25

Hungary to ease lockdown further outside Budapest

Hotels, playgrounds to reopen from Monday

margit sziget budapest
May 13, 2020 09:00

COVID-19: Hungarian government to decide on Budapest restrictions today

Spokesman speaks, blames mayor for inactivity

orbanviktor jarvanykorhaz facebook
May 12, 2020 09:20

Hungary to concentrate COVID-19 patients in two Budapest hospitals

Allowing medical treatment to resume in all others

April 17, 2020 09:08

Special coronavirus rules needed for Budapest, Hungary PM says

"Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

April 05, 2020 20:30

Hungary's Orbán makes parking free as of Monday

PM rules by decree

Budapest lánchíd
March 04, 2020 09:05

Budapest mayor envisions 'cold war' with gov't

Over local business taxes

getty, iroda, csörsz utca, XII. kerület
February 21, 2020 07:30

Budapest office market report pinpoints vacancy hotspots

Eston publishes outlook for 2020

January 24, 2020 11:30

Hungary to spend HUF 11 bn on Budapest hospitals

The buildings, not the service

January 14, 2020 12:37

Budapest will indeed receive EU funding, everyone agrees

Different day, different picture

January 10, 2020 08:54

BKV to claim damages from Metrowagonmash

Corroded undercarriages sideline renovated trains

November 21, 2019 08:54

Hungary gov't opposes Budapest congestion charge

Deputy mayor pledges traffic limitations

October 17, 2019 13:17

Karácsony to take action for greener Budapest

City's debt should be consolidated according to new mayor

Orbán Viktor szelfi Róma
October 17, 2019 09:27

Orbán to reward Hungarian villages

Hungary ups funding for villages, families

October 16, 2019 09:35

Budapest Mayor to introduce free public transport for students

Karácsony will meet Orbán on Friday

October 14, 2019 15:44

How the elections will affect Hungary's economy

No immediate changes expected

Karácsony gergely az indexnek nyilatkozva
October 14, 2019 10:43

New Budapest Mayor promises transparency

Contracts to be reviewed and made public

onkormanyzati valasztas karacsony gergely fopolgarmester
October 14, 2019 08:42

Municipal elections in Hungary: Opposition takes Budapest and major cities

Gergely Karácsony is the new Lord Mayor of Budapest