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June 16, 2021 09:45

Hungary anti-LGBTQ legislation sparks international outcry

MEPs, U.S. Embassy rights groups slam stigmatisation, scapegoating

June 15, 2021 16:26

Hungary lawmakers adopt anti-paedophile law hijacked to be anti-LGBTQ legislation

Far-right Jobbik stands behind governing coalition

orbán viktor
June 11, 2021 11:05

Earnings, children and personal income tax refunds in Hungary - Let's see some numbers!

Financial impacts of PM Orbán's election-related promise

kormányinfó orbán gulyás
June 10, 2021 11:27

Hungary's Orbán clears up PIT refund conundrum

No more guessing

Aljas módszerrel fosztogatnak: plázákban, vásárokban portyáznak a tolvajok
April 28, 2021 13:35

Hungary to move billions worth of public funds into foundations

Government extends dominance through overhaul in higher education

kinai vakcina coronavac
January 19, 2021 09:25

Chinese vaccines, herd immunity, 2022 elections

Will the Hungarian gov't suddenly make an unpopular move?

orbán viktor rendelet aláír közlöny facebook
January 15, 2021 16:40

Hungary's Orbán announces 0.5 million forint "gift" for young people

The direction has been set, targeted spending ahead

orbán viktor megyei jogú városok gazdaságvédelmi akcióterv koronavírus járvány
December 20, 2020 18:26

Hungary Orbán wraps poisonous present for municipalities for Christmas

Local business tax revenues to drop markedly

November 11, 2020 21:10

Hungary to enshrine Christian gender roles, practicallly ban gay adoption in Constitution

Draft legislation submitted as new COVID-19 restrictions take effect

varga judit igazságügyi miniszter
November 11, 2020 08:50

Hungary Justice Minister sneaks in election law amendment under the veil of the night

Opposition parties cry foul play

biden trump eu usa elnökválasztás
November 02, 2020 13:56

US experts to Portfolio: Europe can breathe a sign of relief if Biden wins election

Traditional co-operation will return if Democratic candidate is elected President

donald trump orban viktor
October 27, 2020 16:36

Hungary's Orbán: We are rooting for Trump's victory

PM praises grandness of US-Hungary relations

usa kongresszus vihar kormány parlament szenátus felhő sötétség amerika
October 26, 2020 09:22

U.S. presidential race nearing finish line

Setting the mood for the week

September 21, 2020 09:26

Orbán: Hungary cannot withdraw into its shell

Premier analyses future in lenghtly article

eles fordulat feheroroszoknal leverik tunteteseket200819
August 19, 2020 17:25

EU rejects Belarus election results, vows sanctions

Lukashenko, Russian officials decry EU "interference"

Orban Viktor Feheroroszorszag europai unio200819
August 19, 2020 14:57

Hungary's Orbán urges EU to prepare geostrategic plan for Belarusian crisis

Stands behind Polish position

szijjarto peter
August 18, 2020 08:25

Hungary also wants new election in Belarus

"We support the Polish position", says Foreign Minister

charles michel europai tanacs feheroroszorszag200817
August 17, 2020 17:10

EU leaders to hold emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss Belarus situation

Council President sides with anti-Lukashenko protesters