Label: "election"

October 18, 2023 09:06

Here are the official results of the Polish elections

National Electoral Commission announces vote tally

Varga Judit interjú
June 28, 2023 09:26

Minister of Justice Judit Varga resigns

She may lead the Fidesz list in the 2024 EP elections

June 06, 2023 08:45

Hungarian shops show grim figures, no turnaround in sight yet

Retail trade down in monthly terms again

May 17, 2023 10:06

Hungarian municipal and EP elections to be held simultaneously

9 June 2024 is the most likely date

paul krugman amerikai választások 2022
November 08, 2022 14:23

Renowned economist worries Republicans may turn U.S. into Hungary

Paul Krugman says Republicans would copy Viktor Orbán's approach

Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök interjú
April 01, 2022 12:10

Hungary PM Orbán envisages deep crisis in Europe, shortage of basic foodstuffs

PM addresses energy, war, elections

v4 visegrad
March 29, 2022 11:17

Meeting of Visegrad Four defence ministers cancelled

Two countries have already opted out earlier

budapest parlament látcső magyar magyarország
March 22, 2022 09:02

Russia-Ukraine war to hurt Hungary really badly - Fitch Solutions

Economy could slam on the brakes real hard

élelmiszer élelmiszerár bolt kiskereskedelem
January 13, 2022 13:15

New information revealed on Hungary's food price cap

Shops will have to apply their own mid-October prices

orbán viktor facebook
January 12, 2022 23:39

Hungary PM Orbán announces price cut on six basic foods

Another price cap before the election

January 11, 2022 16:31

Hungary President announces 2022 election date

Earliest date possible

budapest airport repülőtér liszt ferenc
December 15, 2021 08:40

Budapest Airport due diligence called off

As PM Orbán delays acquisition to after election

lidl diszkont
December 14, 2021 09:25

Hungary raises retail surtax on the low-low - A turnaround in economic policy?

Quite a headache for the largest retail chains

orbán viktor emanuel macron
December 14, 2021 08:35

Hungary's Orbán unexpectedly puts off purchase of Budapest Airport

Reveals change of plans after V4 summit

Szijjártó Péter Információs Hivatal
December 09, 2021 17:07

Hungary Foreign Minister wants strongest intelligence service in Central Europe

Will to interfere in domestic politics detectable, he says

November 15, 2021 17:27

Hungarian gov't one step closer to buying Budapest Airport

Nothing is set in stone yet, though

szijjártó péter bejelentés
July 02, 2021 16:14

Hungary announces six new economic stimulus measures

All in the interest of more investment

nemzeti konzultacio
July 01, 2021 17:15

Hungary's new national consultation includes questions on anti-LGBTQ+ law, Soros, migrants

As well taxes and Brussels bureaucrats - Fun!