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Pfizer oltás
January 20, 2023 08:55

Israel finds no link between Pfizer Covid shot and stroke

EU drug regulator finds no safety signals either

Koronavírus mutáns
January 18, 2023 18:20

COVID-19: Conflicting data released in Hungary

Fewer cases, more patients on ventilators

January 11, 2023 13:42

COVID-19: New cases down, hospitalisations, ventilation up in Hungary

"Interesting" data released

Pfizer oltás
January 10, 2023 09:31

Omicron-adapted Covid booster lowers hospitalisation in over 65s

Israeli study finds

January 05, 2023 17:25

COVID-19: Key stats show suspicious improvement

Data transparency worsens

January 05, 2023 11:12

First vaccine for honeybees approved by the US government

Save the bees to save ourselves

December 21, 2022 16:10

COVID-19: Key metrics show mixed picture in Hungary

Number of deaths up in weekly terms

Koronavírus oltás
December 16, 2022 12:10

COVID-19: Romanians encouraged to vaccinate

Omicron-adapted shots available

omikron koronavírus tüskefehérje
November 30, 2022 11:17

Coronavirus: the Hungarian weekly data is in

New report on the domestic covid situation

November 16, 2022 10:10

COVID-19: Easing on every front in Hungary

Vaccine uptake rises some

November 09, 2022 13:45

COVID-19: Late data shows no signs of flare-up in Hungary

Holiday messes up data release

November 02, 2022 09:00

Hungary to publish Covid stats off schedule this week

Long weekend delays weekly report

koronavírus lélegeztetőgép kórház beteg covid
October 26, 2022 13:18

COVID-19: Number of new cases down, deaths, ventilation up in Hungary

Hospitalised / ventilated ratio jumps

gyógyszertár patika gyógyszerek gyógyszergyár cég
October 24, 2022 16:20

EU braces for next health crisis

Legislation has been adopted to speed up the reaction of regulators.

Koronavírus oltás
October 20, 2022 08:57

Pfizer, Moderna coronavirus vaccines available for children aged 6 months or older in Europe

European drugs authority EMA takes decision

October 19, 2022 14:01

COVID-19: Key statistics improve, weekly deaths up 13%

The only constant thing is volatility

October 18, 2022 09:20

New Omicron sublineage shows extensive escape from neutralising antibodies

It is unclear whether it also causes more severe symptoms