Hatalmas kérdőjelek a lakásépítéseknél: akár törölt projektekre is számíthatunk
September 06, 2022 06:45

Constructions sag in Hungary - Multi-unit residential projects tumble too

New analysis reveals most active regions too

September 01, 2022 16:46

Last summer month shows slight strengthening on Hungary's residential property market

July low was easy to surpass, though

August 30, 2022 11:51

Hungary's preferential VAT rate for new housing projects gets extension

Completion deadline pushed out to end-2028

budapest lakások
August 29, 2022 11:39

Slight slowdown in the rate of rent growth in Hungary

KSH publishes July 2022 data

August 25, 2022 13:54

21,000-square-metre logistics park to be built in four phases in Biatorbágy

First tenant is a Swedish company

pláza vásárlás üzlet
August 24, 2022 09:29

Consumption may collapse in Hungary - Mall traffic also reflects runaway inflation

H1 was strong, but turnaround is here

raktár, logisztika, csarnok, ipari ingatlan,
August 08, 2022 13:20

Five-year record broken on Hungary's property market

Spectacular warehouse expansion in the outskirts of Budapest

zöld lakás épület
July 08, 2022 07:00

Is it time to focus on buildings if we want to solve the energy crisis?

Making homes more energy efficient is key to Hungary’s energy independence

July 01, 2022 12:03

Hungary acts as overvaluation of housing market hits all-time high

MNB activates countercyclical capital buffer

STOP SHOP (c)Immofinanz
June 24, 2022 14:37

Immofinanz plans to divest EUR 1 bn worth of properties

Group also active in Hungary

építőipar építkezés
June 15, 2022 14:30

Hungary construction output drops further in April

After a decline in March

June 02, 2022 10:50

17 flats change hands in Hungary per hour - May transaction data published

Residential property market more animated after serene April

építész, digitális építőipar, bim
May 20, 2022 15:50

Here is a good way to reduce construction costs

One of the biggest players on the market introduces new way of organising its business

market zrr
May 11, 2022 15:15

Huge record in Hungary's construction industry, thanks to two giant projects

Started constructions reach staggering amount

rogán antal parlament
May 06, 2022 22:06

Hungary announces winner of 35-year motorway concession

Mészáros and Szíjj won, but only because they are the best, says Rogán

vidéki házak tokaj
May 04, 2022 17:11

Hungarian central bank's house price index shows staggering data

Prices soar particularly in rural cities