budapest magyar épület ház iroda
January 22, 2024 13:50

We haven't seen numbers like this in the Hungarian office market for a long time

What happened at the end of 2023? - Vacancy rate at eight-year high

January 17, 2024 16:15

The price of building materials is unlikely to drop further in Hungary

Experts estimate when construction boom is likely to start

January 12, 2024 08:18

Hungarian gov't commits a hefty sum in infrastructure development to build mini-Dubai in Budapest

Around €808 million, or around HUF 303 billion, according to the published draft

új lakás
January 09, 2024 17:05

Should you buy a new or second-hand home in Hungary? Take a look at two figures first!

What has happened in the market since 2015?

budapest lakások felújítás
January 09, 2024 14:02

2024 could be a boom year for the Hungarian housing market

Detailed estimates released

Lázár János kormánybiztos
January 09, 2024 12:00

All seasonal tickets but country and county passes will be abolished in Hungary

Minister makes new offer to Budapest

January 09, 2024 09:43

Hungary Duna House reports robust figures for end-2023

Recovery continues

Már a lakberendezést is elérte a lakáspiaci munkaerőhiány
January 05, 2024 09:21

Rental portal expects a 20% rise in Budapest's rental prices for 2024

However, there are differing opinions

Duna House
January 03, 2024 08:40

Hungarian housing market gets perky at year-end

December transaction number estimate published

Lázár János kormánybiztos
December 06, 2023 10:10

Hungarian state wants to erect new city centre in Budapest - possibly with an Emirati investor

The question remains whether there will be a skyscraper or not

December 05, 2023 11:17

Turnaround on Hungarian residential property market is but a band-aid

Full-year figure could still be the lowest since 2013

Forradalmi megoldás az építőiparban - Egyre látványosabbak az építkezések
November 27, 2023 09:05

Highest number of construction starts recorded in a surprising part of Hungary

Budapest still not in the lead

November 23, 2023 09:58

Foreign firms in Hungarian construction industry must be prevented from building with foreign products - minister

Local small and large businesses must be prioritised

250 milliárd forintnyi állami ingyenpénzt osztottak ki lakásokra eddig
November 17, 2023 09:15

Hungary is not the only country in Europe where housing construction has plummeted

The world of housebuilders has changed a lot

November 15, 2023 09:35

Hungarian gov't prepares for massive further expropriations for the Budapest-Belgrade railway

A new draft decree lists thousands of properties

irodaház, építkezés, daru
November 06, 2023 16:13

Real estate investments hit 10-year low in Hungary

This has a marked impact on yields too

házépítés építkezés
November 06, 2023 10:00

Housing construction plummets - Turnaround still a long way in Hungary

Number of new dwellings down 21% yr/yr in January-September

November 02, 2023 16:08

Hungary's housing market remains weak, but there are signs of a turnaround

October transaction number estimates released