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financial it 2024 panel
June 11, 2024 13:59

What will happen to IT staff and what banks are now spending on in Hungary

Portfolio Financial IT 2024 conference in full swing

June 05, 2024 16:20

Hungarian banks started the year with record profits, but not all that glitters is gold

Halving of extra profit tax is a success

Erste 1
May 08, 2024 12:05

Erste Hungary profit leaps in Q1 2024

Several factors behind boom

mobilbank bankfiók
April 11, 2024 06:00

Half the bank branches in Hungary have disappeared - what is going on?

We asked banks how many employees, branches and ATMs they have

Egy szempillantás alatt 69 ezer bankkártya került fel az internet sötét oldalára
April 08, 2024 13:30

Stellar numbers: housing loans and bank deposits have skyrocketed in Hungary

It is rare to see such a strong start to the year in banks' retail business

April 05, 2024 08:49

Fitch Ratings affirms ratings of Hungary's CIB Bank, Erste

Upgrades a rating of CIB too

April 03, 2024 16:09

Report from Hungary's home loans market: Good news and bad news

Demand is huge, but can the interest rates justify it?

Raiffeisen 5
March 26, 2024 08:51

Raiffeisen's profit in Hungary exceeds HUF 100 billion

Four fifths of this will be paid as dividend to Austrian owner

March 21, 2024 11:25

Hungarian government announces end of interest rate cap on deposits

It was high time to do so

UniCredit 2
March 14, 2024 15:30

Owners of banks in Hungary made big bucks, here come the years of hard work

Parent banks' reporting season is over

December 07, 2023 13:42

These seven banking groups are systemically important in Hungary - MNB

Rebuilding capital buffers

December 06, 2023 15:40

Hungarian banks' profits surpass HUF 1 trillion mark, but where is the money coming from?

It's not just about the interest paid by the central bank

banki pénzeszsák
September 04, 2023 15:25

Hungarian banks post never-before-seen profit - Where's this money coming from?

Profit may be outstanding, but growth has halted in the banking sector

August 10, 2023 15:55

Wartime repercussion: deposits held in Ukrainian banks up 55%

Ukrainian deposit insurance experience also strengthens financial stability in Europe

July 18, 2023 11:13

Hungarian banks obliged to encourage their customers to buy government securities

"in order to improve financial awareness"

bankkártya közelről piros chip érintésmentes
April 25, 2023 14:55

Hungarian Banking Association reacts to bank tax amendment

"The natural basis for income tax is profit."

March 31, 2023 17:46

Hungarian arm of Raiffeisen Bank doubles annual profit in 2022

Higher interest rates come in handy

mnb jegybank magyar nemzeti bank
March 28, 2023 15:55

Hungary cenbank stops providing foreign currency for energy imports

MNB also considers bank failures on developed markets in its interest rate policy

silicon valley bank svb getty stock
March 24, 2023 17:18

Banking crisis: the possible effects on the world economy

Four possible scenarios

March 24, 2023 12:30

How dangerous is the current banking crisis? - Analysts assess situation

Could 2008 repeat itself?