New EC president appeases Hungary, Poland

Ursula von der Leyen promises "more sympathy". 

New family allowances attract 12,000 families in first three weeks in Hungary

Since 1 July, more than 12,000 families have applied for newly introduced family allowances including... 

Hungary superbond props up Q2 gov't security volumes

The new MÁP+ absorbed investments from other securities.

OECD report calls for pension reform in Hungary

Less red tape and better education could also help sustainable growth.

Hungary healthcare fighting up to 15% labour shortage

The number of healthcare personnel missing from the Hungarian health system is more than 5% of the total... 

U.S. troops officially allowed free movement in Hungary

Clause of latest defence agreement enters force.

Hungary superbond attracts HUF 1,200 bn investment as demand falls

Households still oversubscribed the security last week.

5,000 more Hungarians move to Germany

German statistics show 5,500 more Hungarian expats.

Hungary construction industry slows as orders dry up

Road construction saves the day as building contract volume falls 24%.

Hungary to lower taxes by HUF 80 billion in 2020

Says András Tállai.

Hungary key indicator rises to all-time high

Massive EU funds help, but there's room for improvement.

Hungary FinMin Varga reaffirms bold objective set by PM Orbán

Budget surplus is targeted.

Hungary passes HUF 6,000 bn mark in disbursing EU funds

Two-thirds of the seven-year budget has been allocated.

Number of temp workers in Hungary hits 270,000 in June

Seasonal employment in tourism has doubled in five years.

Chinese data to set the tone for this week

Here are the key macro releases and events for the week.

Hungary may revisit plan of administrative courts - Kövér

When the time is right. After rule of law disputes are over.

Consumer price increase to slowly abate in Hungary

Price index could drop while inflation has not subsided.

ANALYST VIEW - Hungarian economy on a roll, but for how long?

H2 could bring about changes.

Hungarian economy to grow by close to 5% this year?

Some believe it actually will.

Macro Snapshot
General government balance (monthly, bn HUF)16-03-140,8 mrd Ft
PMI16-1252.2 pont
Current account balance (m EUR)15Q31599.4 m euró
Interest rate on forint-based consumer credit (APR)15-1216.9 %
GDP growth (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16Q3+2.0 %
Inflation (annual consumer price index)16-111.1 %
Infláció (medium-term target)08-083.0 %
Industrial production (working day adjusted, yr/yr)16-07-0.1 %
Benchmark interest rate16-120.90 %
Retail sales (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16-05+5.7 %
Foreign trade balance (m EUR)16-05+755 m euró
Interest rate on fixed HUF household deposits (within 12 months, annualised)15-120 %
Unemployment rate (average of 3 months before publication)16-104.7 %
Corporate forint lending rate - short term15-124.1 %
Views and Interviews

The harmful addiction that claimed the lives of almost 1 mn people in Hungary

Every year, we lose the equivalent of the population of a small town because of smoking, which is a major demographic problem for a country naturally decreasing... 

Hungary is still facing serious risks even after upgrade - S&P

The analyst who upgraded Hungary gives interview to Portfolio.

Hungary's Orbán makes "confession" about wage hike plans

In radio interview.