Member states jeopardising the rule of law will risk losing EU funds

MEPs adopt draft to suspend payment for renitent states. 

FAG launches EUR 78 mn bearing plant in Hungary

New investment created 500 new jobs.

Public sector workers prepare national strike

In protest of 'slave law'.

State-owned company workers want bigger wage increase

Demand needs government approval.

EU new passenger car registrations rise for 11th year in a row

Fluids leak from this partciular engine, though.

Monetary tightening could be around the corner in Hungary - c.banker

Deputy Governor Márton Nagy sends strong message.

Tax for small taxpayers is increasingly popular in Hungary - FinMin

315,000 businesses are 'kata' subjects.

Hungary's 'chips tax' expected to generate HUF 57 bn this year

After HUF 30 bn annual revenue previously.

INSTANT VIEW - Hungary's inflation drops, but price pressure mounts

Analysts on CPI reading and what it could mean for the future.

Has price pressure really abated in Hungary?

Measures of underlying inflation tell another story.

It's amazing what Hungary's construction sector does

Sector booms.

Hungary's inflation decelerates in December

Consumer price growth moderates, as expected.

Hungary starts sabre-rattling as EU condemns new Austrian law

Battle continues over reduced child benefits for Hungarian expats.

Euro in Hungary, Paks II cancelled - Portfolio's list of potential black swans

Ten unpredictable scenarios that would upset Hungary.

Hungary Mol to raise motor fuel prices considerably

On Wednesday.

Hungary is drowning in cash - Stock swells to over HUF 6 trillion

Let's see why!

INSTANT VIEW - Hungary's inflation drops, but price pressure mounts

Analysts on CPI reading and what it could mean for the future.

All eyes on the central bank in Hungary

Last policy meeting of the year coming right up.

Kopint-Tárki projects more robust economic growth for Hungary for 2018

Think tank also cuts CPI estimates.

Macro Snapshot
General government balance (monthly, bn HUF)16-03-140,8 mrd Ft
PMI16-1252.2 pont
Current account balance (m EUR)15Q31599.4 m euró
Interest rate on forint-based consumer credit (APR)15-1216.9 %
GDP growth (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16Q3+2.0 %
Inflation (annual consumer price index)16-111.1 %
Infláció (medium-term target)08-083.0 %
Industrial production (working day adjusted, yr/yr)16-07-0.1 %
Benchmark interest rate16-120.90 %
Retail sales (yr/yr, adjusted for calendar impact)16-05+5.7 %
Foreign trade balance (m EUR)16-05+755 m euró
Interest rate on fixed HUF household deposits (within 12 months, annualised)15-120 %
Unemployment rate (average of 3 months before publication)16-104.7 %
Corporate forint lending rate - short term15-124.1 %
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