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vakcina koronavírus védőoltás
January 07, 2021 09:11

Less than 50% request vaccine in four biggest nursing homes in Hungary

Vaccination of the elderly begins on Thursday

operatív törzs müller cecília
December 28, 2020 14:41

Vaccination underway in Hungary

More than 1,000 health workers vaccinated in two days

muller cecilia optorzs
December 08, 2020 12:35

Hungary to begin vaccination early next year

Gov’t launches website to assess demand

európai bizottság_getty_stock
October 27, 2020 19:15

EU warns not enough COVID-19 vaccines for everyone in 2021

Urges governments to devise vaccination plans

doktor korona kórház
September 15, 2020 16:31

Virology professor says influenza and coronavirus could be tamed at once

If everyone respected the protective measures